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The Story

VGMJEWELS started in May of 2020, as a hobby in order to pass time during quarantine. However, the demand from customers has grown this business and the VGMJEWELS team continues to offer high quality jewelry at reasonable prices. Our handcrafted jewelry is made from the high quality metals and packaged into an experience for each of our customers. We hope that our customers enjoy their piece & feel special with unique, fun jewelry.


Meet The Team

Handcrafting at the highest of quality.


Venicia Massey

Founder & Jewelry Crafter

Venicia is the crafter and founder of VGMJewels. Through art & expression she creates each piece of jewelry, manages the business, & markets the products. She is currently starting her freshman year of college, pursuing electrical engineering & business, in hopes to continue this small business and further grow it.


Kavya Bellam

Creative Director

Kavya is the creative director of VGMJewels. Using her artistic skills she creates marketing collateral, graphics, pictures, and aesthetics to bring the jewelry line to life. She is currently going into her freshman year of college and hopes to continue in this business to expand and evolve her creativity.